Our range of services

After the foundation of our company we mainly counselled our clients in the field of transport planning and implementation. However, the railway transport has become an integrated and IT-intensive planning process over the last years. Hence, we strengthened our core competences even more and are happy to support your company in the fields of rail-bound transport as well as information technology and management consultancy. We are the ideal partner to prepare your company, your business processes and your IT solutions for the future.

Rail Transport

We give you advice for every planning layer of the rail-bound traffic: from the infrastructure to the timetable, for short-distance and long-distance traffic as well as local city traffic, for the passenger and freight traffic. Our consultants have had many years of national and international experience and look forward to solving your challenges.


Information Technology

In our everyday life we benefit from the digitalisation because it simplifies a lot of aspects of our life. Let us help you with the modernisation of your work-related processes to benefit from the digital world: intra-corporately as well as in regards to the communication with your clients.



Together we will optimise the organisational processes of your company and we will support you in the standardisation of your operational processes, ensuring an optimal use of your personnel resources and a quicker achievement of your goals.