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Using railway infrastructure requires planning and disposition processes, which support an operative cooperation of all parties involved, especially in today’s time of a growing traffic density. Achieving a smooth and failure-free operation requires the sharing of information between all involved parties to make essential information available wherever and whenever needed. There are several system components available to realise your goals with RailSys®, depending on your scope of work and the tasks that need to be handled. Everything is possible, from the application to the planning to the routing, information output and controlling.

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Why RailSys®?



Infrastructure companies
You cannot only manage your existing infrastructure, but also maintain and display different variants during work phases. You offer train paths for your clients with the RailSys® Web Train Path Manager. The entire sales process can be executed with this web-based IT solution: registration of clients, application of train paths and final booking. All of the information is transferred into your data base automatically.
Train operating companies
Define the train types of your rolling stock and generate timetables, which ensure that your passengers or freight reach their destination. With the help of the integrated timetable and operational simulation, all of your timetable planning can be verified by you and its quality and robustness can be determined immediately. This outlook into the future enables you to determine any difficulties that might occur in reality in advance. Delays and bottlenecks are displayed and identified in time and can therefore be prevented for the implementation of the project. All of your data can be exported to various file formats or printed directly.