Review of the year 2016

366 days of successful planning, consulting and development

The best thing about looking back on the past year is remembering all of the special moments that we had. And there were plenty in 2016.

RMCon Christmas 2016

The work on many projects was finished or continued and new projects were initiated. With Transport for London we were able to acquire another client that will use RailSys® as a web-based solution for extensive planning regarding all works carried out on the railway infrastructure. As a matter of course, the specific characteristics of an underground railway are also taken into consideration. We are also cooperating with Polskie Koleje Państwowe for the first time and support the Polish State Railway in digitising the traffic planning of the second largest European railway network. Whether small or large railway networks in Germany, Europe or on the other side of the world, we thank our clients for the great cooperation and look forward to continuing the projects.

To ensure that our new and loyal clients enjoy working with RailSys®, it is our constant goal to develop innovations such as the automatic train path search and to adjust the software to the current market. A topic that received a lot of attention in this industry in 2016 is the process BIM (Building Information Modeling). This approach for the planning and implementation of construction activities, while considering various dimensions, is receiving more and more recognition. More than seven dimensions are included in RailSys®: from modelling the infrastructure to the timetabling to the planning of resources such as vehicles and staff.

We were able to discuss BIM and other current topics at several trade fairs. Many thanks to the visitors at InnoTrans in Berlin and IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe for the fascinating and inspiring conversations.

Another exciting aspect of our work are the trainings. The RailSys® users can improve their work with the software and learn to use RailSys® as effectively as possible. Almost thrice as many users as in the previous year have made use of this opportunity. If you and your colleagues would like to improve your RailSys® know-how, you will find a suitable offer here.

RailSys® has been available in French for a while. This year, we could present our website in French as well, providing information to our clients in French speaking countries in their native tongue as well.

One of those special moments of 2016 was the internal workshop with our partners IVE mbH and the Institute of Transport, Railway Construction and Operation in Braunschweig. The exchange and collectively developed solutions are a huge benefit for both our company and our clients.

Our clients also benefit from new employees that we could welcome to our company this past year. We were able to expand further and gain more support for all teams: consulting, software development and IT-administration. Additionally, we presented our company as an employer at two fairs in 2016: at the KISS ME and CeBIT. We look forward to finding new talents next year to guarantee that we can continuously supply the worldwide demand for our consulting services and software.

In 2017, we will present the enhancements of RailSys® and our range of consulting services at the two trade fairs Nordic Rail in Sweden and transport logistic in Munich. We look forward to meeting you there.

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas season and a happy New Year.

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