Release: RailSys® 2021

RailSys® 2021

With the release of RailSys® 2021 we not only further developed existing and proven features, but also added new system components to the RailSys® Software Suite.

Rail transport is in a constant process of change. New and complex challenges bring increasingly growing demands on the necessary IT solutions.

With RailSys® 2021 we are introducing the latest version of our successful and worldwide used software for rail traffic planning.
Oriented on and inspired by the needs and requirements of our customers, the RailSys® Software Suite has been further developed in many ways with RailSys® 2021.
Among the various innovations, for example, the Vehicle Dynamics and Energy Consumption Manager has been added to the RailSys® Software Suite, which enables precise planning of energy-optimized rail traffic.
In order to increase the transparency of your results, traction and box plot diagrams are now available in RailSys® 2021, along with other new evaluation and output options.
While the updated ETCS Baseline 3.6.0 is of course incorporated in the optimized Infrastructure Manager, ETCS parameters can now also be specifically adjusted via the Timetable Manager.

These are only some of the various innovations you can expect in RailSys® 2021.

Discover and take advantage of the whole range of new possibilities that RailSys® 2021 offers.

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