Release: RailSys® 2019


New Features in RailSys® 2019

After redesigning the user interface for the previous version of RailSys®, we could focus on content modifications and new features for RailSys® 2019. We would like to present some to you now.

signalling systems
OSM Map RailSys
buildings: tunnels, overpasses, bridges
currentless sections
electric profiles
rolling stock train formation disposition
construction operation
data security
print-outs: timetable, transport map, statistics
user-friendly calendar

The aim of every new version is the improvement of existing functions on the one hand and extensions on the other for the realisation of new use cases. Thus, we optimised the usability of the calendar but also integrated new national signalling systems. We improved the concept of “Driving + Construction” for an optimal construction operation, allowing you to directly receive the impact of your restrictions on the actual timetable when entering the requests. A new dialogue for rolling stock shows the catalogues of resources for traction units and cars. That enables a better selection for a more detailed train composition.

As you can see, we have improved all program elements (Manager) of RailSys® to better meet your needs and to keep providing you with a future-oriented support in the planning of rail bound traffic.

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