Date:June 23, 2015

Experience the future

RailSys® as a timetable construction system for the Thai state railway

Client: State Railway of Thailand (SRT)
Project period: Oktober 2012 – June 2013

Initial situation
In 2009 the Thai government decides to invest in the modernisation of the railway network and thus, increase the modal share of the railway transport considerably. The investment in the infrastructure and rolling stock will reduce the travel time, improve the punctuality and increase the capacity of the network. By enhancing the attractiveness of the rail-bound transport, the annual result shall be improved and the road traffic relieved.

In the course of this investment the processes and IT solutions of the state railway shall be renewed and optimised to ensure an easier planning of investments and the successful implementation of a sustainable operational concept. In 2012, we are therefore entrusted with the replacement of the existing timetabling system with our own infrastructure management and timetable construction system RailSys®.

Apart from replacing the original timetable construction system with our own, we have to optimise the planning processes and train the staff of the Thai state railway in the handling of our software. This guarantees an efficient use of RailSys®, ensuring an improved use of the network capacities and the construction of a stable timetable. It is important to consider and integrate specific aspects of the country and culture in the planning process. This also includes a user interface in the national language and the complete release of planning documents, e. g. the graphical timetable.

For the integration of our infrastructure management and timetable construction system RailSys® we are available on-site for a better part of the project to ensure a successful completion in a reasonable amount of time. The first step is the evaluation of the project requirements, which results in the determination of necessary tasks regarding the adaptation of the process and the functional extension of our IT solutions.

The functional extensions are implemented in RailSys® in the second phase of the project. While one team performs developmental work in Hanover, the team in Thailand is responsible for the installation of the provided hardware and the initial data acquisition and system setup. The data for the infrastructure, vehicles and timetables is consolidated from different sources and transferred to RailSys®, serving as a basis for the planing. The system setup is carried out in a close collaboration with the client to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge.

After the successful installation and setup of the system, the employees are trained by our experts. Apart from teaching basic knowledge these courses include training in the handling of the new system by referring to practical examples. Afterwards, the system is converted to the productive operation.

The State Railway of Thailand has successfully mastered the conversion to RailSys® as their new timetable construction system and laid an important foundation for the future of the Thai railway traffic. The system allows for a quicker planning of timetables and therefore increases the attractiveness of the rail-bound transport. Investments in e. g. the infrastructure or rolling stock can be evaluated in RailSys® beforehand, which minimises its risks.

We are proud to share our passion for the railway traffic with the State Railway of Thailand and to impact the future of Asia with our product RailSys®.