Follow European standards – Discover ERTMS with RailSys® Suite

Infrastructure owner or train operator, it makes no difference: ETCS is the future.

Specified by the European Deployment Plan (EDP) the ETCS programme is expedited and railway undertakings are committed to implement ETCS in their networks in the upcoming years. The political decision causes a high pressure on the railway industry as key questions have yet to be answered. It is essential to know the impact of ETCS on the network capacity and performance as it directly affects turnover and customer satisfaction of railway undertakings. Finding answers to these questions requires highly developed software tools that handle railway infrastructure and timetables while considering very detailed specifics of ETCS and the existing train protection and signalling system.

The RailSys® Suite provides these features and enables the rail industry to answer its key questions. The RailSys® Suite delivers and compares performance indicators, capacity needs, travel times, headways and much more. The RailSys® Suite breaks down the complexity and visualises results clearly. Verify your personal ETCS strategy with the RailSys® Suite now. Save investment costs and get your railway ready for the future. We are happy to get in touch with you.

ERTMS with RailSys®


  • ETCS still under development
  • Little experience
  • High complexity
  • Establishing know-how
  • ETCS competes with existing highly developed systems
    • Capacity
    • Performance
    • Safety & Cost


  • Analysis of Baseline documentation
  • Definition of requirements
  • Conversion of requirements in specifications
  • Development of application
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Training


RailSys® Suite answers your questions on

  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Travel times
  • System design



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