What type of RailSys® user are you?

The difference between RailSys® Workstation and RailSys® Enterprise

You can use our software RailSys® as a single-user-solution (RailSys® Workstation) or as a multi-user-solution (RailSys® Enterprise). The most substantial difference is the data base.

RailSys® Enterprise is a data based solution that allows multiple users to access the same data without any conflicts. It’s possible to create a local copy to work offline and upload your copy into the data base afterwards. But not everyone who works in a team requires this data based solution. Apart from the data base manager, RailSys® Workstation comprises the same amount of functionalities. However, the data is not saved in a central data base, but in local files. The data is then exchanged manually, from one work station to another.

Before our experts can give advice on the most suitable solution for your requirements, we would like to make some enquiries. Who will work on the project? How will you work on it? Which tasks do you want to perform with RailSys®?

Have a look at our little guide to get a first impression on whether RailSys® Workstation or RailSys® Enterprise is more suitable for you.

RailSys® single- or multi-user-solution

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