Some people argue that railway transport is inflexible due to fixed tracks. When counselling your company, we show you just how flexible your corporation can be. We advise and accompany you on the way to your company’s future.

  • Process analysis

    We investigate the organisational structure of traffic related corporations to optimise the planning process for the rail-bound traffic. Thereby, we evaluate your potential for an optimisation. We demonstrate how you can use RailSys® to display and examine your whole planning process and create the foundation for an improvement of your work flow.

  • Personnel planning

    Over the years, the personnel placement can grow into a habit. We take a look at your work routines and indicate possibilities to adjust your deployment according to the change of conditions and how to best place your employees. How can you use your personnel resources as efficiently as possible – to the satisfaction of your clients and employees? Benefit from our experiences and let us find out!

  • Standardisation of operating processes

    We examine your current operating processes and present ways to simplify them with standardisation and thus, avoid making mistakes. You believe that standardisations would make you inflexible? The opposite is the case: standardised processes require less attention and thus, give you the ability to focus more on topical and single incidences and therefore, react more flexibly.