What is your function at RMCon International?

My duties comprise a lot of different areas. I perform examinations to answer extensive questions concerning the operational planning of railway with our software RailSys. In addition, I define new features and supervise the implementation on the user’s part to the point of test runs of the software. While doing so, it is important to take customer requirements into consideration and at the same time, I have to keep the feasibility in regards to our software developers, the scheduling framework and the budget in mind. Moreover, I am responsible for our software support. If required, I will visit our clients to train them in the use of our software or to present our products and services to potential clients.

Do you still remember your first week at work?

During my first week at the Company I worked as a student assistant, which was such a long time ago that I can barely remember. However, I do remember that I enjoyed it so much I chose a correspondent major at university. Aside from the interesting field of work, the cooperation with the colleagues was great and I felt very comfortable in the fantastic working atmosphere.

What do you like most about your work?

I like the versatility, the customer contact, the occasional business trips, the international field of work and especially working in an interdisciplinary team.

You are in Australia right now. How did this opportunity turn up and what do you gain from this experience?

RMCon International has a subsidiary company in Sydney and sometimes their projects require additional on-site engineering performances. This is an opportunity for us to travel to the other side of the world. I am in Sydney for the second time now and I just love this city and its environment. Working with the clients for three months strengthens my professional as well as communicative skills. Every project is different and it is fun to work with people, who are extraordinarily familiar with their railway network and appreciate our planning with RailSys.



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