How did you come to work at RMCon International?

A job advertisement on their website sparked my interest and I sent in my application. The interview revealed that the team at the company and I are on the same page, both professionally and humanly. Shortly thereafter, I could sign my contract.

Why did you decide to work for us?

Three things were important to me during my job search:

  1. I have to be interested in the range of topics that I am programming for and it should be diversified.
  2. I like to work for a small and medium-sized business with a medium-sized team of developers. I like to exchange opinions with my colleagues and to learn from them. Therefore, I would not want to be the only developer in my field and be on my own. At the same time, I want to be able to make my own decisions instead of having to file an application for each and every little thing (which can be the case in large-scale enterprises).
  3. The company should offer flexible working time regulations. Sometimes you just want to start work two hours later than usual or take a longer break to keep a dental appointment or let the builders into your house.

During my interview, RMCon International met my three requirements and has proven them to be true over the course of the last three years.

You are a developer. What is your favourite feature in RailSys?

I am involved in the development of the RailSys MapPortal, an interactive web interface which supports the entire planning process of the railway. I like that we gave the user interface of RailSys version 10 a modern and user-friendly design.

Do you like to travel by train?

My wife and I do not own a car. Within Hanover (even when it is rainy and cold) we ride our bikes. When we travel around Germany, we usually travel by train. Since working for RMCon International, I discover more and more things, which I recognize from our software, at train stations or when looking out the window when on a train ride. For example, I now know the meaning of many signals and signs along the line.

What do you like here in particular?

I especially like that we constantly have new and exciting tasks and only a few routine jobs. Furthermore, the working atmosphere is very comfortable and I think it is great that we can enjoy fresh fruit every day.



You have studied computer science and would like to work within a committed team as well as develop a software that is implemented worldwide, just like Martin does? Then please apply here.