Boys’ Day 2016

Staff member for a day

This Thursday was the future career day for boys in Germany, also known as Boys’ Day. It is an opportunity for young gentlemen to get an impression of occupations that they may never have thought about pursuing before or did not know about at all.

In our line of business, meaning transport engineering and software development, you will find more male than female employees. However, we were visited by 10-year-old Bastian, who joined our communication and marketing department to find out, whether a creative job could be his right career path. For example, only 35 % of the students that graduated as design assistants in 2015 were male. (source:

Bastian is in 5th grade and was therefore participating at Boys’ Day for the first time. After a short introduction to our company and different departments, Bastian was ready to start: A railway poster was to be developed and designed. Apart from their content, most of our communication mediums are developed with regards to the design in-house as well.

First, a slogan had to be found. “The slogan should leave a positive impression”, Bastian learned on Thursday. This is not the only experience that the 10-year-old made: “I learned how to edit images and how to design a good overall picture.”

We think that the poster turned out great and look forward to receiving your application in about 10 years 🙂 .

RMCon offers opportunities to gain practical experiences before entering a career. We regularly employ interns from IVE at TU Braunschweig. Furthermore, some students support us as student assistants. A considerable amount of our staff members have already been working for RMCon or IVE mbH during their studies.

Sonja and Jens were employed as student assistants at RMCon. Wanja did an internship at IVE mbH before coming to RMCon. Find out here what the three are doing at RMCon these days.